A downloadable game for Windows

Inspired by LSD: Dream Emulator, the 1998 PlayStation game. Explore three low poly worlds based on some of my favorite cult classic films: "Evil Dead", "Blade Runner", and "The Thing", with original music.



Theatre One.rar 44 MB
OST.rar 4 MB


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Can u please make a version for mac os

Is there a 32-bit version of this game available. I want to play this on my channel. 

Hey man! I really like this game and style, I'm starting development of a game with similar aestethics, can you tell me how did you make a shader that looks SO much like PSX and PS1?

Hey, I'm not sure about that but please could you let me know more of this project? I'm really interested in this stuff and would like to see something like this more fleshed out. Also, will you bring it to mac?

im having problems whilst downloading this game it there anyone who could help me ?

This was pretty cool

Great game i loved it i love the art style and the whole idea in general i would love you to make more and keep putting in different movies. I dont know how hard that would be for you though. The soundtrack was great and it left me wanting more great game.

Nice PSX shader :D

will this ever be available for macs?

I'm not sure if it will, but my next projects will be available on  more platforms for sure.


Liked this quite a bit. The textures don't seem to work for certain scenes? Not sure why. Otherwise I loved it! Would love to see an entire game with this kind of look and feel.

Here is my playthrough!

Thank you very much. It's great to see people enjoying my work.



thx for the game jackseticeye was playing so i got it and it is awsome


You have a talent for building aesthetically self-contained spaces. Even though the game was very episodic, everything has felt like an overall concept and a small, shared world. The PS1 graphics style was just fitting for that! <3 All in all, a terrific jam entry. That's why I wrote a little recommendation article about your game and uploaded a walkthrough video. I hope that more players will try it out for themselves. :)

Best wishes,


Thank you so much!! That is very, very kind of you. It makes me happy to see such a positive response to something I've made. It means a lot.

what music did you use at the start of evil darkness 

All the music is available in the OST folder on the downloads page.